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The Army Ethic White Paper July 2014 - Reinforcing the Army Profession plus Summary & Solution
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The Army Ethic White Paper July 2014
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The Problem and The Risk
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Reinforcing the Army Profession plus Summary & Solution
The Army Ethic—Heart of the Army
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Reinforce the Army Profession in the 21st Century

“The Army develops professional leaders who demonstrate the character, competence, commitment, and resilience required, whether operationally deployed or in a training environment. We must foster a climate oftrust that respects and protects our Soldiers, Civilians, and Family Members. Trust provides the basic ethical building blocks that underpin our profession.”60 —ALDS - Army Leader Development Strategy 2013

This ALDS goal directly supports the strategic vision of, “An Army of competent and committed leaders of character with the skills and attributes necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.”61 Realization of this vision depends upon an articulated, accessible, commonly understood, and universally applicable Army Ethic.

Summary and Solution

The Army Ethic motivates and inspires our shared identity as Trustworthy Army Professionals, honorably serving the American people, providing military expertise in defense of the nation, and guiding the profession now and for the future through faithful stewardship of the people and resources entrusted to our care. Living by the Army Ethic is our way of life. It requires life-long professional development in Character, Competence, and Commitment. This quest is a duty consistent with our shared identity.

Articulating and living by the Army Ethic:

  • Inspires and strengthens our shared identity as Trustworthy Army Professionals.

  • Expresses Honorable Service as our ethical, effective, and efficient conduct of the mission, performance of Duty, and way of life.

  • Motivates our Duty to continuously develop Military Expertise throughout the Army Profession.

  • Emphasizes Stewardship of our people and resources and enhances Esprit de Corps.

  • Drives Character Development for the Army.

  • Reinforces Trust within the profession and with the American people.

  • Is essential to Mission Command.


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