Call for Content

We seek articles, monographs, reports, essays, commentaries and reviews for publication in future editions of this Journal. We publish both original manuscripts and reprints of previously-published articles that are relevant to the focus and scope of this journal. Send letters of inquiry or completed manuscripts to the following email address:

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Please read  the following articles in the
"About JFW" section of the Main Menu:

These guidelines offer a comprehensive understanding of the kinds of articles we are seeking.  We welcome manuscripts from those of major faiths who are committed to the ideals of the English-speaking nations and to the moral/ethical values of their armed forces. Potential authors should contact the editor with any questions about writing for JFW.

Instead of waiting for a complete edition of each issue of JFW before publishing it, we will publish articles as they are approved and ready. As each edition is completed, it will be placed in the JFW archives. We envision a period of three to four months for completion of each edition before it is placed in the archives. Also, the major categories of Journal content are accessible through the Main Menu on the home page.

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