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Saint Augustine
God, Man and War

These articles explore the history of the interrelated spiritual, psychological, and physical causes of warfare among tribes, peoples, nations, and other armed groups; the resolution of such conflicts, and their immediate and long-term consequences.

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1 Just War Over Cyber Networks 33225
2 The Call to Arms: Christianity and the Just War Tradition 38263
3 Caught by Surprise: Post-Cold War Geopolitics and the Relevance of the Just-War Tradition 34293
4 The Moral Crisis of Just War: Beyond Deontology toward a Professional Military Ethic 54915
5 Why I Am Not a Pacifist 36286
6 Ancient Asymmetry in “Ways of War” Resurfaces in Clash with Political Islam 29601
7 The Boys of Pointe du Hoc 33829
8 Just War in the 21st Century 45656
9 Freedom and Justice in Islam 34932
10 The Future of Western War 27661
11 Ancient and Modern Nation Building 40835