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Saint Augustine
Biblical Perspectives on a Christian's Service in War - Conclusion
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Biblical Perspectives on a Christian's Service in War
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There is, therefore, much evidence to support the idea that it is proper for a Christian to be involved in military service. The experience of history indicates that many have been so led. That does not mean that Christians in the military have a license to hate, nor do they have a blanket license to kill. As an individual sinner prone to avenge himself and resist personal abuse, the Christian in the military must, like all other believers, restrain himself. He should examine the cause for which his nation fights, and if he concludes that it is evil and unjust he should refuse to participate. Even when he finds the overall cause acceptable, he may at times be led to disobey certain orders that he believes abuse the proper use of force.

The Christian soldier, however, needn’t think he sins if he executes his duty, including that of killing, in an honorable manner as an agent of a secular government. In fact, since biblical standards of warfare demand a strictly controlled use of violence, and since violence is always hard to control, there is a particular need for Christian policemen and soldiers whose standards in this area should be higher than those of men without Christ. As Dr. V. Raymond Edman wrote on the occasion of the establishment of Army ROTC at Wheaton College in 1952: “There is a call today for a Joshua, a Gideon, a David, as well as Elijah and Paul.”

Al Shine and his wife, Sandra, live in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. They participate actively in the chapel programs of the U.S. Army War College.

The original version of this article appeared in Command magazine, published by the Officers' Christian Fellowship of the U.S.A. (OCF). All scriptural quotations are taken from the King James Version.








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