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America Must Turn to God
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America Must Turn to God

As we thank those who served and sacrificed to preserve our freedom to worship God, we should honor their sacrifice by examining our faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

Lieutenant General Sir William Dobbie, British Army, served as the Governor-General of Malta from 1940 to 1942, during which time his wife, Sybil, served with him. The Germans bombed Malta constantly due to its strategic position near the sea lanes they used to resupply Rommel's Army in North Africa.

Below is an excerpt from his book, A Very Present Help, published in 1945. Sir William completed it in September 1944, as the Allied Armies were advancing rapidly through France toward Germany after the Normandy landings earlier that summer. In this passage, he addresses the need for the people of Great Britain to turn to God, who had preserved them as a nation during World War II.

It is right that we should give honor where honor is due. Indeed, we are exhorted to do so. We cannot be too grateful to those gallant men of the fighting services and the Merchant Navy who have faced the enemy for us, many of whom have given their lives for us. But as we face the situation we cannot avoid the conclusion that their efforts, splendid though they were, could not in themselves have brought us through disaster to victory. That was God's doing. We must recognize this, and show our gratitude to Him to whom, more than to any other, we owe the blessings of success.

But as we face up to this challenging fact, we cannot but realize how wonderfully gracious God has been in doing these great things for us. We cannot pretend that nationally we have deserved such treatment. It is true that our cause is just and righteous. It is superlatively so. But are we righteous? It must be confessed that we are not, and yet God has condescended to help us, even though there is much in our national life that must be displeasing to Him.

In spite of the way God has been speaking to us, both in judgment and in mercy, we as a nation have not turned to Him. We have not discarded or turned from many things that we know are abhorrent to Him (if we think about them at all). He is still largely crowded out of our lives and is ignored and disregarded by us—all this in spite of what he has done for us.

May God open the eyes of our nation to see, and open their ears to hear, and may we humbly acknowledge our sin and turn to Him. It is not enough to have a righteous cause. We need righteous people as well. (1944, pp. 124-125)

Like the people of the United Kingdom in 1945, people in the USA today need to acknowledge our sin and turn to God. Let us pray for that work to happen in our lives and in the lives of those throughout America who seek to follow the Lord Jesus Christ—and for His Spirit to initiate another Great Awakening in our land.

Don Martin Jr., November 11, 2015

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