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Journal of Faith and War
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This journal focuses on the innately spiritual nature of leadership in the formulation and execution of national security policies in the English-speaking nations of the world. In an era of increasing moral relativism, skepticism and secularization in the West, such a journal is greatly needed.

In this century, those who will govern, direct, educate, lead and inspire the defense and security forces of our nations need to integrate the truths of their faith into their judgments, decisions and actions. They also need a place where they may freely voice their beliefs, experiences, and perspectives, a place where they may discuss and debate fundamental principles of ethical governance and leadership openly and fully. It should be a place to which others interested in this subject will be drawn because of its truthfulness, candor, and intellectual rigor.

This journal aims to influence for good the faith basis of morally responsible leadership in regard to preparing for war, going to war, fighting wars, concluding wars, evaluating wars, and maintaining discipline and accountability among parties involved in planning, projecting or applying military force. It will examine national defense decisions, policies, and strategies as well as the leadership of military and security forces. It will address both historical and contemporary situations that political and military leaders at all levels in our nation's defense structures have confronted--or are confronting--in their decisions and relationships. Its focus on ethical leadership will include the development of leadership doctrine, teaching that doctrine in formal educational systems, and its practice at all levels.