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Journal of Faith and War | Archives

Posted on 19 January 2012

A list of papers published in this Journal that examine the influence of broad cultural developments as they affect military professionalism, ethical leadership and decision making in national defense, and the relevance of the Just War tradition to armed conflict and humanitarian operations today

Essays that Address Foundations of Service in the Profession of Arms and the Relevance of Just War Concepts in the 21st Century

The Problem of Universal Ethics for Christian Pacifism, by Professor Daniel R. Heimbach

The Moral Foundations of Society, by former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Creed and Culture in the American Founding, by Professor Bradley C.S. Watson

The U.S. Army White Paper: The Profession of Arms and the Army Ethic
, by the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic (CAPE)

Religious Perceptions of the Just War and Military Ethics, by Colonel Ivar Hellberg, British Army, Retired, OBE, MPhil

Just War in the 21st Century, by Professor Peter Lee, Ph.D.

The Abusive Exploitation of the Human Religious Sentiment--Michael Burleigh as Historian of "Political Religion," by Professor Daniel J. Mahoney, a review of Burleigh's books on Germany in WWII and the major political struggles that have shaped Western Civilizations from the latter 1700s

The Future of Western War, by Victor Davis Hanson, Ph.D.

Essays on Professional and Spiritual Service and Leadership in the Armed Forces and Security Forces

Biblical Perspectives on a Christian's Service in War, by Colonel Al Shine, U.S. Army, Retired, MA

The Authentic Witness of the Soldier Christian, by Colonel Don M. Snider, U.S. Army, Retired, Ph.D.

"Calling" and the Military Profession: Part 1, by Colonel Scott Frickenstein, U.S. Air Force, Ph.D.

"Calling" and the Military Profession: Part 2, by Colonel Scott Frickenstein, U.S. Air Force, Ph.D.

"Calling" and the Military Profession: Part 3, by Colonel Scott Frickenstein, U.S. Air Force, Ph.D.

Christianity, Virtue and the Intelligence Profession
, by Colonel Charles A. "Tony" Pfaff, U.S. Army, Ph.D.

Shrinking in Christ: The Power of Selfless Service, by Colonel Lee DeRemer, U.S. Air Force, Retired

Pointing North: Lessons Learned by an Infantry Platoon Commander in Afghanistan, by First Lieutenant Patrick "Paddy" Bury, Royal Irish Regiment, British Army

Religious Expression or Religious Coercion: Commanders Caught in the Crossfire, by Chaplain(Colonel) Jimmy Browning, U.S. Air Force, D.Min

Essays on the Struggle for Dominance in Western Civilizations between Faith in Secularism and Faith in God

Humanism on Trial, by Emeritus Professor Hugh Mercer Cutler, a review of The Wreck of Western Culture

Conservatism, Christianity, and the Revitalization of Europe, by Professor Emeritus Lee Congdon

A Time to Stand, by Os Guiness, DPhil