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Leader Education

These articles examine the development of leadership doctrine and the education of leaders for military and security organizations, using principles from cultural, historical, and spiritual sources that effective leaders must understand as the criteria for analysis, evaluation and recommendations.

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1 The Army Ethic White Paper July 2014 20759
2 A Soldier's Morality, Religion, and Our Professional Ethic: Does the Army's Culture Facilitate Integration, Character Development, and Trust in the Profession? 9337
3 Beyond the Limits of Codified Morality: A Christian Military Ethic 18957
4 Use the Koran to Control Afghan Anger 11699
5 Calling and the Military Profession: Part 3 13744
6 U.S. Army White Paper: The Profession of Arms (2010) 28600
7 Calling and the Military Profession: Part 2 30359
8 Creed and Culture in the American Founding 47541
9 "Calling" and the Military Profession: Part 1 37541
10 Story and Community--Vital Keys for a Christian Approach to Military Ethics in the 21st Century 45302