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Saint Augustine
God, Man and War

These articles focus on our understanding of the nature of God and of human nature, and on the relationship that exists between God and human beings in the context of contemporary and historical accounts of frequent armed conflicts among the world’s peoples.

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1 Religion and Public Life in America in the 21st Century 10157
2 The Moral Foundations of Society 14601
3 Christianity and Islam: The Differences in the Societies They Create 19159
4 Islamist Jihad in the 21st Century 23430
5 Jesus and Pacifism 20598
6 Republican Virtue, Imperial Temptations, A review of "The Crisis of Democracy and the Quest for Empire" 13281
7 The Fall of the Modern Age? A review of "The Search for Meaning in an Uncertain World" 12969
8 Conservatism, Christianity, and the Revitalization of Europe 15158
9 Equally Not Nothing, A review of "The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies" 8844
10 Qur'anic Concepts of the Ethics of War: Challenging the Claims of Islamic Aggressiveness 16471
11 Conservatism, Christianity and the Revitalization of Europe 12914
12 A Time to Stand 15717
13 Biblical Perspectives on a Christian's Service in War 16785
14 The Problem of Universal Ethics for Christian Pacifism 23811
15 Religious Perceptions of the Just War and Military Ethics 21115