The Journal of Faith and War (JFW) is a peer-reviewed journal that seeks articles, opinion pieces, and reviews on matters dealing with the application of faith to matters concerning national security and warfighting. JFW is sponsored by the Association of Christian Conferences and Teaching and Service (ACCTS), which supports chaplaincies and Military Christian Fellowships (MCF) worldwide. In that spirit, JFW seeks to provide faith-based resources to support military ethics training and education as well as inform policy decisions regarding military readiness and employment.

Submissions can address a wide-range of issues including leadership, Just War Theory and proposed revisions, military technologies, social and personnel issues affecting military readiness, alliance and coalition formation, civil-military relations, and comparative military ethics. The Journal would also accept submissions addressing the employment of military forces in non-military settings such as law enforcement and disaster relief.

JFW is also actively recruiting peer reviewers to review submissions. Individuals with an appropriate background and education in theology or other relevant field and its application to national security and warfighting.